Lynne M. Kilpatrick

I relied heavily on HMEx during the 21 years I spent with the Seattle Fire Department developing and managing the hazardous materials program in the Fire Prevention Division. The next nine years, and while serving as Fire Marshal for the City of Sunnyvale in Silicon Valley, was no different. HMEx minimized the time I spent identifying the hazards of materials and gave me confidence that the fire and life safety controls and occupancy classifications I required were appropriate.

I’ve always considered myself to be HMEx’s biggest fan. So, when I got the opportunity to take over where Larry Fluer, the founder, left off, I was elated. My vision is to continue enhancing HMEx so that it not only assists code officials but offers business owners and design professionals a time-saving solution to managing chemical inventories to comply with the fire and building code requirements. I’m so thrilled to share it. 


Lynne holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University. She was a Principal Member of the National Fire Protection Association 400 (Hazardous Materials Code) Technical Committee representing the fire service from 2006-2019. She continues to serve on the Committee as an alternate member and actively participates in the International Code Council’s code development process.

“She is by far the brains and foundation of the hazardous material codes in place in the City of Seattle, which are models in many respects.”

– David Daniels – Health, Safety and Environmental Professional

“Her many years as a senior hazardous materials expert and seasoned chemical engineer were evident in the way she approached tasks and achieved her outcomes.”

– Sean Tobin, PE, PMP, CC Chemical Engineer